The end of the plasma TV? Which to choose plasma or LCD


The manufacturers of these types of TVs are a minority compared to those developing LCD equipment. Now lose more ground before the advance of the latter in a market that only belonged to plasma.Las liquid crystal displays are approaching 40 inches. The increased penetration of television brings next-generation consumer desire for larger screens, which are taking advantage of LCD equipment manufacturers.

The main against having the plasma TV manufacturers relates to how costly it will give a full high definition devices with screens smaller than 50 inches. Meanwhile, the LCD makers are aggressively promoting full HD models in that segment although prices are generally high, indicating the Reuters news agency.

According to Wang Wanli, an analyst at Credit Suisse, "at this point next year there will be no price differences between plasma TVs and LCD."

In other words, just pay a little more money, you agree to an LCD, which has a better resolution.

Wang believes that LCD prices fall nearly 30% next year, while plasma will make between 15% and 20% as a result of competition with liquid crystal displays.

In the future, it is expected that manufacturers of plasma will enter the field of 50 inches where, although there is less demand, achieved escape the responsibility of the LCD.

Flat panel displays: LCD and Plasma; shopping guide



If these days you walk around giving appliance stores or supermarkets, you will have seen as tube TVs (CRT), have virtually disappeared from the face of the earth.

Like a conspiracy of advertisers they were, now you can only choose between the popular flat-panel TVs,namely LCD and Plasma.

But such is the euphoria with these new TVs so striking that many businesses may be tempted to exploit the general ignorance that users have this type of technology, as well as many of the terms that are new to the majority.

For surely many people who want to renew your TV also leveraging the transition to DTV, will meet with dependents to hear about HDTV, 16:9, matrix, W-XVGA, Ambilight, HDMI or Digital Shot.

It is for this general ignorance we have of these new technologies so we wanted to write this special shopping guide flat TVs.


Plasma and LCD Technology

While it is possible that when you decide to buy a flat screen television someone comment: bah, if they are equal, just change the size and price. Do not believe.

Plasma and LCD are two completely different technologies,

LCD technology uses liquid crystal molecules positioned between the polarizing layers and rotate as if they want to display one color or another. Its main advantage, besides its small size, is saving energy. When these displays use transistors then we are talking TFT TFT LCDs, which are the most widespread.

By contrast, plasma screens use noble gases exited matches to show and provide them with color pixels.Their price is usually higher, but the quality. Specifically provides greater viewing angle LCD screen, better contrast and more realistic colors displayed.

However, equal in size, currently offer a definition LCD screens larger than plasma screens, but as we shall see, some other market or belong to different categories. We anticipate that for small or medium sizes a better buy is an LCD TV, while for large screens, Plasma is the boss.


What type of screen choose

Here is the great dilemma of the buyer. If you have budget problem solved, the easiest thing, but if you do not want to leave one or two incomes on the screen, you should stop and think before about some aspects that should help you decide on the best option that suits your requirements. Note that may be a purchase you're not going to renew perhaps a quarter of a century, so losing a few days now reflecting and comparing models can thank him for many years.

Large areas must take into account when choosing appropriate type of screen should be guided primarily by the budget you have available, use it to go to the TV and of course the size of it.


As we have said, if money is no object, one of the biggest headaches is solved. If instead you have to limit spending, we warn you that you are getting this price range you can go crazy. You will then have to test your willpower not to increase the initial budget of 300 euros for example, to add a few inches in size or some extra function. Try where possible to decide a price range and from there begin to decide other issues.

Or maybe you better if you first decide you handle the features that should be the screen of your dreams and then go comparison shopping, but experience tells me it's probably higher than you can afford and that can be very frustrating.

Therefore, the budget so we settled on your choice.



Screen Size

As almost certainly in many cases be the man to take charge of the election, as we tend to be those who drool in front of the windows of gadgets, there's something major that you can never forget: the opposite of what you want to believe, Size matters.

Care, we speak of TV size. We may be tempted to buy the biggest store for bragging rights on Christmas Eve with the family but to find that or throw the living room wall that separates him from the room matromonio, or that dreadful screen no one to see.

Moral: you choose the size of the TV according to the available space for it in the place you go to place and of course depending on the distance to the sofa.

This is very important, so we leave here some key data that can help you make and the first filter in your purchase of a new TV.

To calculate the distance of comfort to which a television set, one must take into account many variables, especially the size of the screen and the light that is in the room.

In the next chart you guidance measures:

Use that will give the TV

Another aspect to keep in mind, the most important in my opinion and experience, is the use you give to this television.

Is not the same as buy a TV you want to use in your room to watch DVDs, connect the PC and take it from one side to another, a main TV for the room that you see mostly movies in DVD quality.

Thus, and with this ended the first part of this special, budget, size and use of the screen are three factors that you think before going like crazy to the first store where the clerk if you promise to marry you Buying the 52-inch plasma.

In the second part, we will introduce the 11 models of flat TVs (6 LCD and plasma 5) we have selected from the overwhelming market supply. In fact, such is the number of models currently on the market, which has influenced the final decision in mostar models may differ from one another, but they offered something to stand out from others. There are those who are but whether they will be all they are.

You know, think.




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